Load Control PanelTrack

The load control module of the PanelTrack is a load shedding algorithm used for limiting peak electrical demand in an electrical system to a programmed target level. The PanelTrack utilise a predictive demand calculation to estimate the maximum demand at the end of the half hour period.  By knowing what happened up to that point in the half hour and using the current conditions, the PanelTrack can predict what the maximum demand will be.  If necessary non-essential loads are selected for shedding until the required target is reached. The switching of the loads is done via 8 on board open collector outputs which in turn switch external interposing relays that disconnect specified loads from the electrical system via the necessary size contactors.

Product summary


The digital display and RS485 communications port of the PanelTrack enables it to be used in a stand-alone mode or as a remote kWh/kVA meter in a distributed sub-metering or energy management system. The unit has the following main functions:

  • Complete kWh and kVA demand metering (Thermal & Block) with 12 month history
  • Extensive load profiling, recording per phase and summated parameters
  • Panel meter, displaying instantaneous values on the graphical screen
  • Setpoint Control with 4 relays for switching loads


The PanelTrack is suitable for any three-phase metering applications.

Energy consumption is accumulated into an internal grand total non-resetable counter and the kVA demand is registered and saved in month-end blocks.

There are up to 13 energy blocks (current + 12 history) stored in memory and the demand can be calculated over 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals. These demand blocks can then be reset using the keypad, via remote communications or via the onboard clock.

Technical information




Dimensions: 144 x 144 x 80mm
Voltage Input Range: 85V ac - 260V ac (Phase to Neutral)
Current Input: 0 - 5Amp ac
  0 - 1Amp ac
Communication Interface: 1 x RS232 Port
  1 x RS485 Port
Communications Protocol: Modbus RTU
Accuracy: Class 1
Clock Accuracy: Accurate to ±4 Minutes/Year (-40°C to +85°C)
  Accurate to ±1 Minute/Year (0°C to +40°C)




Type of Display: 128 x 64 Graphical LCD with backlight & contrast control
Instantaneous Displayed Values: Line Current (Per Phase)
  Phase Voltage (4Wire/3Watt Only)
  Line Voltage
  kW (Per Phase & Summed)
  kVA (Per Phase & Summed)
  kVar (Per Phase & Summed)
  Power Factor (Per Phase & Summed)
Measuring Method 3Watt/4Wire or 2Watt/3Wire




Memory Capacity 4 MB
Memory Type Non Volatile Flash
Parameters Recorded V, I, kW, kVA, kVar and Power Factor (Per Phase & Summed)
Recording Intervals 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 Second(s) or Minute(s)
Recording Method Average over recording period
Recording Buffer Continuous buffer (FIFO)
Typical Recording Time 22 Hours 45 Minutes @ 1 second
  9 Days 11 Hours 35 Minutes @ 10 Seconds
  8 Weeks @ 1 Minute
  2 Years 17 Weeks @ 15 Minutes




Voltage Highest and Lowest Voltage
Current Highest Current
Energy (Meter Grand Totals) Active Energy Import
  Active Energy Export
  Reactive Energy Capacitive
  Reactive Energy Inductive
Month End Demand 12 Month History + Current
Month End Energy 12 Month History + Current




Programmable Relay Outputs 4
Programmable Digital Inputs 4
Programmable Set-point Control 8
Cyclic/Periodic Timers 8
Delay Timers 8
4 Inputs Boolean AND Gate 8
4 Input Boolean OR Gate 8
Inverter 8

General information




The PanelTrack is connected in the standard four-wire or three-wire configuration. The voltage inputs of the instrument can be factory set for input voltages of either 380V or 110V AC. The current inputs interface to the supply system through external 5A current, but can also be manufactured to accommodate flexible coils allowing for easy installation.




The PanelTrack features a RS232 and RS485 serial communications port using the ModBus RTU protocol. The RS232 port can be used for local communications to a portable computer for on site configuration. It also serves as a communications interface for remote metering applications. The RS485 port is utilised in distributed systems where each PanelTrack is ModBus addressable in the range 1-255.




The PanelTrack employs a 2 rate indicators in the form of flashing light emitting diodes. These indicators flash once for every 1Wh and 1Varh (multiplication factor of unity) of energy consumed. The rate indicators are also used for on-site verification of meter accuracy.




The PanelTrack records all power parameters, per phase as well as summed, at selectable intervals of 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes/seconds. These recorded values can be viewed analyzed via the PanelTrack or PowerServe Software.




The PanelTrack comes equiped with 4 relay outputs and 4 digital inputs which can be utilized for setpoint control. The setpoint control switches the relays when a pre-programmed condition occurs. The condition connected to a specific relay can be selected from a list of power parameters (kVA, kW etc.) where a threshold value is pre-programmed or the 4 digital inputs and power parameters can be used in conjunction with various boolean equations (and gates, or gates, invertors, delay timers and periodic timers).

  • Class 1 Accuracy

  • Large Onboard Memory

  • Energy Parameter Display

  • Software Programmable

  • RS485 + USB Comms

  • LED rate Indicator

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