The PowerPulse 4 ModBus pulse module was specifically designed for BMS and AMR systems to accommodate different types of pulsed measurements. The unit reads the pulses from water meters, gas meters, chilled water meters etc. and stores the readings in non-volatile memory for retrieval via the ModBus registers.

Product summary


The PulseLog can accommodate up to 4 zero potential pulse outputs on 4 dedicated ports. Each of these ports can be individually addressed. Every PulseLog unit has its own unique ModBus address and can be addressed via the RS485 Port which can be linked into a ModBus daisy chain configuration. PulseLog has an onboard keypad and LCD display to enable onsite setup and diagnostic functions.

All settings are password protected, eliminating any tampering. Theoretically the PulseLog unit enables the connection of 64 pulse output meters to a network before any repeaters needs to be put into the network and up to 510 meters before any address duplication will occur. The power supply has an input range of 90V AC to 230V AC, therefore it can be used in both 230V and 115V environments. The RS485 port is optically isolated and therefore protected against spikes on the network.

Technical information



Figure 1 shows the location of all external connections to the PulseLog unit, including Port1 to Port4, the RS485 Port and the auxiliary supply connection.  Connection between the meters and PulseLog can be established by means of any readily available 3-core wire. The use of Mylar screened twisted pair wire for all RS485 connections is strongly recommended. Ensure proper earth, screening and termination of all RS485 networks. More detail on recommended installation of the RS485 network is available on request. It is recommended that a fuse is placed inline with the auxiliary supply.

pulse recorder

Always turn off power to teh PulseLog unit before attempting any connections.


The keypad together with the LCD provides all the necesary functions to setup and change the internal settings of the PulseLog unit namely.

  • Logon and logoff
  • Change and view the ModBus address
  • Change and view the ModBus baud rate
  • View the internal serial number

The keypad has 3 buttons shown in Error! Reference source not found. These buttons are referred to as and will be shown between <> brackets when described.

  • Enter or carriage return 
  • Up or scroll up botton 
  • Down or scroll down button 



  • ModBus Slave Device

  • PowerServe Compatible

  • 4 x Pulse Inputs

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