Power Factor Monitoring Device

Power-factor correction equipment is used by major electricity consumers to lower their electricity bill. The main aim of the correction is to ensure that your maximum kVA demand is measured at unity power-factor. Power-factor correction systems are subject to various problems arising from capacitor, contactor or any other component failure and can go undetected for months. These conditions can contribute to a major increase in maximum demand, which inevitably leads to financial losses.

The solution to this situation is 24 hour online monitoring ensuring correct system functionality and enabling quick response to system component failure minimizing financial losses.

Product summary


The PFMD measures the supply independently from the PF Controller and reacts whenever an alarm condition arises. The alarms are monitored by a server, are logged and forwarded to the relevant personal on standby. Reaction can vary from a simple inscription in the database to immediate response from personnel on standby. The personnel on standby will receive the alarm SMS containing all relevant information to notify them of emergency call-outs.


Monthly System Reports

Monthly system reports are issued and contain critical information concerning the functionality of the power-factor control system. The report includes billing information concerning the Maximum demand in kVA and the estimated savings. The statistical component of the report covers important information about step counters alarm conditions and fault counters.

Technical information





Voltage input Range

85V ac -  260V ac (Phase to Neutral)

Current Input

0 - 5A Input

Communication Interface

1 x USB Port

Communication Protocol

Modbus RTU


Class 1

Clock Accuracy

Accurate to ±1 Minute/Year (0°C to +40°C)

Voltage input Burden

Less than 3.5 VA

Current Burden

Less than 0.5VA

Current Input Type

Feed Through Conductor (2.5mm ^2) with Interposed CT, Galvanic Isolated.

Voltage Input Terminal Rating

600 Volt AC

Measuring Methods Supported

3Watt/4Wire or 2Watt/3Wire

Current Terminal Rating

32 Amp





SMS communications





Monitor up to 12 steps

Step Counters

Keeps track of every cap switched

kVAr Measurements

Measures capacitance of each switch

kVA Demand

Registers and stores kVA Demand

Real-time Values

Real-time parameters can be viewed via sms

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • Monthly Status Report

  • Quick Alarm Response

  • Alarm Forwarding

  • Ensuring Savings

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