The PowerTrack instrument is a portable energy recorder designed to provide detailed information of a specific electrical feed. Extensive communications capabilities (local & remote) enable fast and accurate information retrieval and the software provides a graphical interface for quick and easy analysis of recorded data.

Product summary


The unit has the following main functions


  • Extensive load profiling, recording per phase and summated parameters
  • Display of all instantaneous energy related values on the graphical screen
  • Energy Meter and CT verification functionality


Typical Applications


  • Costing Analysis - Determine cost centers, identify opportunities for demand control and determine energy consumption patterns
  • Load Studies – Determine the capacity of a network, perform load trending, phase balancing, DSM studies
  • Power Factor Investigation – Determine the maximum demand and capacitor bank sizes required for unity power factor.
  • Generator Investigation – determine peak loads per phase for sizing of Gensets.

Technical information




Dimensions 120 x 80 x 240mm
Voltage input Range 85V ac - 260V ac (Phase to Neutral)
Current Probes Supported 5A Clip-On
  100A Clip-On
  Flexible Passive Current Probe (1600/800/400/200A)
Communication Interface 1 x RS232 Port
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU
Accuracy Class 1
Clock Accuracy Accurate to +/-1 Minute/Year (0°C to +40°C)
Keypad 20 Key Alphanumeric
Power Consumption  3.5VA
Expected Data Retention Minimum 5 years




Type of Display 128 x 64 Graphical LCD with backlight & contrast control
Instantaneous Displayed Values Line Current (Per Phase)
  Phase Voltage (4Wire/3Watt Only)
  Line Voltage
  kW (Per Phase & Summed)
  kVA (Per Phase & Summed)
  kVar (Per Phase & Summed)
  Power Factor (Per Phase & Summed)
Measuring Method 3 Watt/4 Wire or 2 Watt/3Wire


Profile Recording


Memory Capacity 4MB
Memory Type Non Volatile Flash
Parameters Recorded V, I, kW, kVA, kVar and Power factor (Per phase & Summed)
Recording Intervals 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 Second(s) or Minute(s)
Recording Method Average over recording period
Recording Buffer Continuous buffer (FIFO)
Typical Recording 22 Hours 45 Minutes @ 1 Second
  9 Days 11 Hours 35 Minutes @ 10 Seconds
  8 Weeks @ 1 Minute
  2 Years 17 Weeks @ 15 Minutes




Voltage Highest and Lowest Voltage
Current Highest Current
Energy (Meter Grand Totals) Active Energy Import
  Active Energy Export
  Reactive Energy Capacitive
  Reactive Energy Inductive

General information



The PowerTrack is suitable for installation at any three-phase (3 Wire/2 Watt or 4 Wire/3 Watt) and single phase supplies.

The instrument records all energy parameters at preset averaging intervals ranging from 1 second to 60 minutes on a large onboard flash memory. The 20 key alphanumeric keypad enables the user to edit all the recording parameters as well as selecting the various viewing formats of real-time parameters on-site.

The recorded data can be downloaded to any computer where the data are presented in various analytical formats including graphs, statistics and export functions.



The PowerTrack is issued standard with fused voltage leads with crocodile clips and various types of current transducers can be used. The instrument supports 5A, 100A clip-on CT’s as well as flexible coils measuring up to 1600A. Specialized coils can also be made to order for larger currents.



The PowerTrack software incorporates various graphical and analytical functions for quick and easy analysis of recorded data. Extensive zooming capabilities and multiple export functions allows for sensible and presentable reporting of recorded data.

  • Class 1 Accuracy

  • Large Onboard Memory

  • Energy Parameter Display

  • Software Programmable

  • USB Comms

  • Portable & Easy Installation

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